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Hey guys, tickets are now on sale for Fan Alley’s in Feb 2017

Hey guys, tickets are now on sale for Fan Alley’s  in Feb 2017

Hey guys, tickets are now on sale for Fan Alley’s Ground Zero Animation Expo in Feb 2017!I’ll have a booth there and will also be speaking on one or more panels! It’s a great event, very supportive of both the artists already in the industry and those looking to… [more]

I'm trying to draw girly outfits for my character, but I sometimes don't turn out the way I want it to be. I only drew two that I liked, but when I try to draw more, it's kind of a blank. Which kinda makes me feel frustrated, are there any tips?

First of all, so sorry for taking so long to answer this question! As mentioned in my last post, it's been kind of a crazy few months and I haven't been on Tumblr as much as I usually am.I'm not necessarily an expert on fashion design, it's something I really… [more]

Hi Chelsea! It's been a while since you posted anything, but I'm going to ask this anyway: From your experience, do you think Behance is a good place for young artists (like in their late teens) to find work? I know your busy, but I could really use some of that Chelsea Kenna advice! Thanks!! :)

Hey! Yeah, so sorry about the lack of updates. I've been super busy trying to get this book done asap, and been sick on and off. I'm hoping I'll have some time for personal art that I can share here again soon! At the very least, I need to get… [more]

San Diego Comic Con

I sadly will not be at SDCC this year, but you can pick up signed copies of my volume 2 art book at the Stuart Ng Books booth (booth 5012) while supplies last!

You're writing a book?

I am! It's actually already written, and I'm in the process of finishing the illustrations at the moment. 

More info on it here!

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