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    February exclusive Patreon sketch is now up! https://www.patreon.com/posts/4376521 (Sneak peak above.)


  • New charm ideas?

    Hey everyone I’m working on some new charm ideas for Wondercon and am wondering what people might be interested in?

    You can see my current collection here: http://chelseakenna.storenvy.com/collections/1231209-charms

    Some ideas I am leaning towards so far are: pomeranian, bunny, red panda, ferret, and maybe some more dog and cat breeds (dachshund, pug, boston terrier)? 


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    I’m going to be at a new animation expo coming up this month. From the event page:

    “Attend this one of a kind animation event, GROUND ZERO ANIMATION EXPO. We have professional artists from the industry to share tips & tricks on how to break into the industry, portfolio composition, 2D animation discussions, and more! Our panelists range from artists in the animation industry, those who work in major studios, gaming studios & top freelance artists.” 

    I’ll be on two panels at the event (Avenues of Animation: Where can I work? and Freelance in Animation) as well as doing a few portfolio reviews, and selling signed prints and other merch. Other panelists/reviewers include Steven Silver, James LopezJustin Rodrigues, Peter EmmerichStephanie Laberis, David DePasquale, and lots more! 

    The event is being hosted by Fan*Alley (which is an awesome shop, run by awesome people) and will be on February 27th, at  Odd Fellows Lodge - 721 S. Anaheim Blvd., Anaheim, CA 92805.

    You can purchase tickets here!


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